Each incoming Freshman is paired with a Junior who will serve as her Big Sister to help her make the transition to high school and to introduce her to 足球外围平台’s customs, 文化与社区. This long-standing tradition is celebrated in the class parties that are held in late September. 在这些派对上, 由学生会组织, 大一和三年级的姐妹吃饭, 在体育馆里一起跳舞和玩耍, while Sophomore and Senior sisters party together on the porch and south lawn.


Preston Idol/Preston达人秀

Talented students from all four years audition for slots in our annual musical talent show. Faculty play the role of judges, offering positive, supportive performance critiques. 观众们为决赛选手投票. Guest performers include previous winners and other talented students and faculty. 这是一个充满乐趣和娱乐的美好夜晚!

万圣节游行 & 高级短剧


在11月, PHS daughters celebrate the Special Gentlemen in their lives—Fathers, 继父, 祖父, Uncles; whoever serves as the father-figure for them—with a special dinner dance. 这是一个以特殊方式纪念这一重要纽带的机会. In addition to a catered dinner, dads and daughters can dance to music that spans the generations. A highlight of the evening occurs when one Senior and her escort are chosen as King and Princess and lead off a special dance that other Seniors and their dads soon join in.


In early April, members of the Sophomore and Junior classes plan a semi-formal dance, held on campus. 健身房根据选定的主题装饰得很漂亮, 音乐由DJ提供, 还有自助餐. 我们也提供纪念照片. All 10th and 11th graders are encouraged to participate, with or without a date.


Just before Christmas, the first big graduation-related event takes place. 长者午宴, held at the nearby Marina del Rey party center and chaperoned by the Senior Homeroom Mentors, provides an opportunity for the soon-to-be-graduates to gather together and celebrate the beginning-of-the-end of their time at PHS. 吃完自助午餐后, the DJ cranks up the music and the Seniors crowd the dance floor because “girls just wanna have fun!”


每年一月, 就在学期考试之前, PHS students let off steam by throwing a giant all-night pajama party, 被称为“锁定”. This event, run by the 学生会, includes a talent show, games, movies and makeovers. DJ为跳舞提供音乐. 和食物, ranging from salads and sandwiches to late-night pizza to early morning breakfast, 中间有很多零食, 提供. 晚会由教职员工和家长陪同.


是2月, 小灵通学生加入他们的母亲, 姐妹们,甚至是祖母们一起享受一顿有音乐的早午餐, 跳舞, 游戏和抽奖. This is a time-honored tradition that celebrates girl power and the close bond between these young ladies and the important women in their lives.


The tradition of 少年戒指之夜 goes back to the early years of PHS’s existence. 这个仪式既庄严又有趣, uniting the class with the long line of Prestonites who have proudly worn their school rings and providing official recognition of the Juniors as upperclasswomen and the rising leaders of the school. Each year the class chooses a theme and the music for the ceremony and works with their homeroom mentors to decorate the auditorium appropriately. 许多学生在典礼中扮演着重要的角色, 哪一个在晚上举行,以便家庭成员可以参加. 后来, 招待会在自助餐厅举行, 由新生小姐妹和她们的导师主持.


In June, on the last day of classes, everyone gathers for a school-wide celebration. Each class decides on a color combination that will represent them and students “dress down” wearing those colors. 脸也被画上了. 每个班都要比赛跳舞, out-cheer and out-shout the others in a pep rally that celebrates their “stepping up” from freshmen to sophomores, 二年级到三年级, 从大三到大四.


期待已久的高中毕业舞会将在五月底举行. Seniors are encouraged to attend this special evening, with or without a date. 它在校外一个特殊的活动场地举行. In recent years, the Prom has been at Lake Isle in Eastchester or at Beckwith Pointe in New Rochelle. 晚会包括招待会、晚宴和舞会. A professional photographer is present to take formal portraits of attendees as a memento of the evening and a professional videographer records the affair and creates a wonderful “highlights” DVD that includes all who attend. 资深导师和管理人员充当监护人. 我们尽一切努力让这个特别的活动负担得起.


在毕业前的那个星期二, 高年级学生被邀请参加校园内的非正式晚宴,放松一下, 和朋友聊天, 看舞会视频, 并收到他们的毕业纪念册. Seniors are also formally inducted into Preston’s 女校友 Association on this occasion.


为了保持普雷斯顿的天主教传统, 所有高年级学生都参加庄严的礼拜仪式, 学士学位弥撒, 在毕业前的星期四. 这是在我们当地的圣. 弗朗西斯·德·尚塔尔教堂, with all the graduates in their academic robes and their families in attendance. Seniors work under the guidance of members of the Religion Department to take on many roles in the liturgy, 包括担任讲师, 请愿者, 歌手和音乐家. 他们也会向家人致敬, whose support has played a key role in their successful completion of high school. Following the Mass, all are invited back to Preston for a reception.


传统上, our 毕业 ceremony is held on the South Lawn of our campus (weather permitting) on the first Saturday in June. 这是一个有意义的仪式, 教职员工, 校董会成员, 演讲嘉宾和身着学士服的毕业生. After a formal procession, class members offer a prayer and a song. The audience listens to addresses from the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian as well as an address from a guest speaker who is usually a Distinguished Alumna. Graduates are called forward to receive their diplomas and graduation awards are bestowed before the ceremony concludes with a recessional. 后来, the graduates quickly gather behind the main building for the traditional “tossing of the caps” into the air.


每隔一年, 整个普雷斯顿社区的学生, faculty and staff take a day to “discover” the incredible cultural opportunities that our location in New York City, “世界的十字路口”,"提供给我们. 在年初的时候, students are provided with a booklet describing the wide variety of field trips available to them and detailing the cost of each adventure. 他们还提供了方向 网上注册. (旅行的长度和费用各不相同. 低成本和免费的选择总是可用的.) 哥伦布发现美洲纪念日 itself generally occurs in April when the weather moderates.